Rangel Fellows in the News

The following are links to publications that highlight Rangel Fellows:


A vision for global diplomacy: Gabriel Kornas, Rangel Fellow's academic and professional journey toward Master of Public Affairs, March 2024

Miami’s newest Rangel Fellowship recipient, Sinait Sarfino, is already a global citizen, March 2024

Diplomatic Fellowship Spotlight: Airin Wu, Columbia University, February 2024

Prestigious Rangel Fellowship Launches alumna Mary Kamikazi toward foreign diplomacy, January 2024

International Political Economy Denise Geronimo Major Wins Rangel Fellowship, January 2024

Justin Frigault awarded prestigious Rangel Graduate Fellowship, January 2024

Elon University's Heeba Chergui and Madelyn Starr are selected for the Rangel Graduate Fellowship, January 2024

University of North Georgia alumni Phillip Ly awarded the Rangel Graduate Fellowship, January 2024

Bridgette Lang: Excelling in Global Citizenship, January 2024


Sumaya Elkashif Awarded 2023 Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellowship, April 2023

Uzochi Jean-Phillipe II Awarded Rangel Graduate Fellowship, March 2023

Nabiha Qureshi awarded 2023 Rangel Fellowship, March 2023

Kevin Simeon selected for Rangel Graduate Fellowship, February 2023

Virgin Islander Shersil Prentice (2020 Fellow) pursues dreams in the U.S. Foreign Service, February 2023

Columbia Alumni Jaine Archambeau and Joshua Elias awarded Rangel Fellowship, February 2023

University of Guam alum Angel Paule awarded 2023 Rangel Fellowship, January 2023

UTC highlights 2023 Rangel Fellow Oluwadamilola Oke for being awarded the Rangel Fellowship, January 2023

Notre Dame alumna Fauvé Liggans-Hubbard named 2023 Rangel Fellow, January 2023


Mariela Ferrer recibe el 2023 Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellowship, December 2022

University of Massachusetts Amherst's Annie Tsan awarded the 2023 Rangel Fellowship, December 2022

JuliaGrace Walker awarded 2023 Rangel Fellowship, December 2022

WKU highlights 2023 Fellow Ralphy Gardner for being awarded the Rangel Fellowship, December 2022

Diversity Milestones - Pickering, Rangel Fellowships celebrate landmark anniversaries, State Magazine, November 2022

Boston University Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies highlights 2023 Rangel Fellow Madison Romo for being awarded the fellowship, November 29, 2022

University of New Mexico highlights Mayeen Mohammedi for being awarded the 2022 Rangel Fellowship, May 4, 2022

Cydney Gardner-Brown, University of Michigan alum and 2022 Rangel Fellow, featured in The Michigan Daily, March 15, 2022

Rangel Fellows Kenya James (2013) and Yanique Campbell (2016) awarded the Aspen Security Forum Rising Leaders Award, March 2022

Henry County Local article highlights 2022 Rangel Fellow Cornelius Sanford, February 16, 2022

Bowling Green Daily News article announces Keightley Dudgeon as 2022 Rangel Fellow, February 6, 2022

Irving Cortes-Martinez featured by Union College on LinkedIn, February 2, 2022

Keightley Dudgeon highlighted in article "WKU graduate named Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellow", January 20, 2022

WKU News announces Keightley Dudgeon as 2022 Rangel Fellow, January 19, 2022

2022 Rangel Fellow Isabella Castro highlighted in article "Two Knights Awarded 2022 Foreign Affair Fellowships", January 18, 2022

Maximo Ulloa and Brandon Lee, 2022 Rangel Fellows, featured on FIU News, January 18, 2022

2022 Fellow Oscar Escobar highlighted on LinkedIn, January 2022

Notre Dame News announces three graduates as Pickering and Rangel Fellows, January 14, 2022

2022 Fellow Daniela Mengesha featured in TitlePress article, January 14, 2022

2022 Fellow Oscar Escobar featured in Emory News Center, January 13, 2022

UVA Today announces University of Virginia graduate Daniela Mengesha as Rangel Fellow, January 13, 2022

Cornelius Sanford, 2022 Rangel Fellow, featured in article by University of Louisville, January 10, 2022


Fellowship awardees announced in VCU news, December 9, 2021

Article 'A Paradigm Shift for Diversity' by Lia Miller, Ana Escrogima, and Christina Tilghman, November 2021

2009 Rangel Fellow Hammad Hammad being featured on LinkedIn

2021 Rangel Fellow Kayla Smith writes article 'Transparency: Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley Leads the Evolution at State', November, 5, 2021

2021 Rangel Fellow Allison Chen is featured on the SanTan Sun News, September 3, 2021

Florida A&M University spotlights 2011 Rangel Fellow Calvin Hayes and his wife, fellow FSO Kindall Hayes for their experiences as a ‘Diplomatic Duo’, August 2021

Tiffany Brown interviews with ProFellow to describe how the Rangel Program became her ‘Pathway to Becoming a Foreign Service Officer”, August 4, 2021

Jhoalmo Sibrian is featured by his alma mater, University of North Texas for ‘Making a World of Difference’, June 11, 2021

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill profiles alumnae Angela Chin and Radhika Arora following their selection as 2021 Rangel Fellows, March 29, 2021

2021 Rangel Fellows Alejandro Garcia Escobar Plascencia and Isaac Kim are among 3 Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service alumni selected for prestigious U.S. State Department Fellowships, March 8, 2021

The University of Southern California’s Dornsife College of Arts and Sciences shared alumna and 2021 Rangel Fellow Carolina Cortez’s journey as a woman of color as she prepares to begin her fellowship, March 2, 2021

American University’s School of International Service recognizes 2021 Fellows Zizhan Luo and Tammy Nguyen for their award of the Rangel Graduate Fellowship, February 1, 2021

Baruch College congratulates alumnus Hermanoschy Bernard on his selection as a 2021 Rangel Fellow, January 28, 2021

Arizona State University celebrates 4 alums who have received prestigious State Department Fellowships; 2021 Rangel Fellows Tatum James and Jacqueline White-Menchaca are highlighted, January 27, 2021

2021 Rangel Fellow Taylor Hinch makes Villanova University history as the school’s first recipient of the Rangel Fellowship, January 21, 2021

Jane Viviano, a 2021 Rangel Fellow, is recognized in the Ponte Verde local newspaper for her award, January 7, 2021

Georgia State University announces its third Rangel Fellow, 2021 recipient Erica Alexander, January 6, 2021

Tiffany Brown, a 2021 Rangel Fellow interviewed with ProFellow on how her experience as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Colombia led her to pursue the Foreign Service, January 6, 2021

Wheaton College congratulates 2021 Fellow Cassia Waligora as the first student from the school to receive noteworthy Rangel Graduate Fellowship award, January 5, 2021

Spelman College’s digital newsletter features Fana HaileSelassie and Kayla Smith for their distinction as 2021 Rangel Fellows, January 4, 2021


American Samoan newsletter Talanei congratulates 2021 Rangel Fellow John Iosefo, December 31, 2020

Office of Congresswoman Uifaatali Amata laudes former congressional intern, 2021 Fellow John Iosefo for his acceptance of the prestigious Rangel Fellowship, December 29, 2020

Lee County, Mississippi recognizes 2021 Rangel Fellow Charlotte Armistead for her receipt of the prestigious award in local paper, December 16, 2020

Sophia Fulton, 2021 Rangel Fellow, is featured on her university’s Public Relations and Media site in celebration of her award, December 15, 2020

Article addressing Diversity at State, September 2020

Gabriel Cortez, 2019 Rangel Fellow, Corps to Career, Becoming a U.S. Diplomat

Kalif Robinson, 2017 Rangel Fellow, honored as Georgia State University Alumni 2020 40 Under 40, https://bit.ly/3acDxsg

Brandon Jackson, 2006 fellow, is recognized as a 2020 Black American National Security & Foreign Policy Next Generation Leader, https://bit.ly/3ctMcIs

How Peace Corps helped, Gabriel Cortez, Achieve his Dream Job, https://bit.ly/38brM3z

Kawther Berhanu, Working Toward Global Peace Goal of Rangel Fellowship Winner, February 4, 2020, https://bit.ly/2UqdbOL

Jada Bullen, Wins Rangel Fellowship, January 21, 2020, https://bit.ly/2GSfySb


Broderick Turner, Plano native awarded Rangel Fellowship, December 29, 2019, https://bit.ly/2tdwkYU

Emma Giron, is the first Rangel Fellow from Willamette, December 17, 2019, https://bit.ly/30mML19

Broderick Turner, Texas State Undergraduate Awarded Charles B. Rangel Fellowship, December 14, 2019, https://bit.ly/2Nm3rAq

St. Pete’s Mara Brody, wins prestigious Rangel Fellowship, December 14, 2019, https://bit.ly/2QMBiES

Martha Amaya, UNLV student wins Competitive Foreign Affairs Award, December 12, 2019, https://bit.ly/2Nof761

Schonn Franklin, Savannah State Student Lands Prestigious Rangel Fellowship, December 11, 2019, http://bit.ly/2EcyrxX

Lee-Ann Sims, Global studies graduate named Rangel fellow, December 10, 2019, http://bit.ly/34bTlrz

Angela Zheng, Stony Brook alumna, receives prestigious Rangel Fellowship, December 4, 2019, https://bit.ly/2PnX13Y

Catalina Wedman, The University of Kansas student earns Charles B. Rangel Fellowship, December 4, 2019, https://bit.ly/2E7eYi1

Gabbi Mucerino, Baylor University senior, receives prestigious Charles B. Rangel Graduate Fellowship, December 3, 2019, https://bit.ly/2LtXTmI

Mara Brody, B-CU Senior Mara Brody Wins Prestigious Rangel Fellowship – http://bit.ly/2YNblrd

John Steele, Heart of Steele-Miami University of Ohio, August 14, 2019, http://bit.ly/34d1cGz

Gabriel Cortez, First Person: The Role of Peace Corps in Promoting Democracy, July 30, 2019, http://bit.ly/2Pqx6MC

Zerlina Bartholomew, UofL alumna picked for State Department fellowship, March 12, 2019, http://bit.ly/2WAoXau

Kyle Bligen, Alumnus Kyle Brigen Wins Prestigious Rangel Fellowship, January 16, 2019, http://bit.ly/2wuyykw

Gabriel Cortez, NAU alum wins prestigious Rangel fellowship, http://bit.ly/2ESLaXB

Monica Edwards, USFSP Alumna Selected as Rangel Fellow, Second in System History, http://bit.ly/30UIUIo

Allecia Jones, OU student receives Rangel Fellowship to study foreign affairs, November 19, 2018, http://bit.ly/2EI8gQB

Ruben Murray, A Dream of Diplomacy Coming to Life, January 9, 2019, http://bit.ly/2IacoK5

Jeffrey Simmons, Persistence pays off for Simmons, February 19, 2019, http://bit.ly/2Z2FbHl

Aminata Sy, ‘What can be done today?’, May 17, 2019, http://bit.ly/2Wd2CAK

Bianca Uribe, Aspiring Diplomat Wins Rangel Fellowship After Research Among Afro-Peruvians, January 9, 2019, http://bit.ly/2QxYHbi

Michael Wisner, Polk Native Awarded Top Fellowship at Princeton, January 7, 2019, http://bit.ly/2WuBzzT


Gabriel Cortez, Northern Arizona University Highlight (December 14, 2018) – https://bit.ly/2UKYpzO 

Sade Tuckett, Commencement Address at American University (December 16, 2018) – https://bit.ly/2SyUKn0 

Jeffrey Simmons, Tallahassee Democrat (December 17, 2018) – https://bit.ly/2rLO0GQ

Carolynn Nixon, Carolynn Nixon is Named a Rangel Fellow, December 11, 2018, http://bit.ly/2W2PY2l

Sabrina Newton, Howard University Senior Named Prestigious 2019 Rangel Fellow, December 7, 2018, http://bit.ly/2WDAUwt

Sabrina Newton, Howard University Announcement (December 7, 2018) – https://bit.ly/2Qj6IEu

Michael Wisner, Princeton University Highlight (December 4, 2018) – https://bit.ly/2EfUbuM

Tenzin Dawa Thargay, University of Massachusetts Amherst Highlight (December 3, 2018) – https://bit.ly/2RCJ9Tv

Aminata Sy, Courier Express (December 2, 2018) – https://bit.ly/2PixwiG

Catherine Baker, Oakland native Catherine Baker wins Rangel Fellowship, December 1, 2018, http://bit.ly/2QwL6kF

Deven Richardson, Richardson First WKU Student Selected as a Rangel Fellow, November 30, 2018, http://bit.ly/2EH0GWh

Kalif Robinson, Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University Highlight (November 28, 2018) – https://bit.ly/2PqHDlI

Monica Edwards, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg Highlight (November 27, 2018) – https://bit.ly/2KJJyRi

Aminata Sy, Aminata Sy (LPS ’19) named Charles B. Rangel Fellow, November 26, 2018, http://bit.ly/2RwqZ6M

Deven Richardson, Western Kentucky University, (November 30, 2018) – https://bit.ly/2BOMKsf

Constanza Castro Zuniga, KU senior earns university’s first Rangel Fellowship, November 16, 2018, http://bit.ly/2wuyZeE

Zeidan, Amanda, How Block Chain is Changing The Game of Illicit Finance, Diplomatic Courier, March 6, 2018, https://bit.ly/2KADBuB

Marta Aparicio, Kala Deterville, and Sofia Gomez, Georgetown Hoya Newspaper Highlight (January 12, 2018) – http://bit.ly/2AWzBd6

Erik Angamarca, Hudson Reporter (January 7, 2018) – http://bit.ly/2ncjSBt


Krystin Rodriguez, University of Northern Texas highlight (December 12, 2017) – http://bit.ly/2qgyS6u

Lydia Senatus, Black Enterprise highlight (December 12, 2017) – http://bit.ly/2o04iwH

Alvin Young, Marymount Manhattan College announcement (December 8, 2017) – http://bit.ly/2BA3ILR

Christopher Kooy, Sauk Valley Media (December 7, 2017) – http://bit.ly/2j8k8DT 

Chaniqua Nelson, Howard University Announcement (December 6, 2017) – http://bit.ly/2zXHa3k

Christopher Kooy, University of Chicago at Illinois (December 6, 2017) – http://bit.ly/2ADOk01

Ljubica Nikolic, Maria Clara Naranjo, and D’Juan Sampson, Florida State University Highlight (December 5, 2017) – http://fla.st/2AmYYJi

Farah Otero-Amad, University of Pennsylvania Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (December 1, 2017) – http://bit.ly/2AYUok5

Lydia Senatus, Stony Brook University | Stony Brook Matters (November 22, 2017) – http://bit.ly/2GgToI0

Katrina Springer, Lincoln University (October 6, 2017) – http://bit.ly/Katrina-Highlight

Jasmine Lopez, Johns Hopkins SAIS Snapshot (September 29, 2017) – http://bit.ly/Jasmine-SAIS

Sahil Jain, Elliott School Blog (September 20, 2017) – http://bit.ly/SahilGWU

Jacob Dietrich, University of North Georgia Magazine (Spring 2017) – http://bit.ly/JacobUNG

Kalif Robinson, New York Time Opinion Piece (March 14, 2017) – https://goo.gl/wNXZi1 

Veronica Chiu, Honolulu Star-Advertiser (March 10, 2017) – https://goo.gl/gCBMRx

Matthew Hinson, Georgetown University (January 18, 2017) – https://goo.gl/njhxur


Hawi Tilahune, Macalester College (December 8, 2016) – https://goo.gl/O8JJtp

Surayya Diggs, Cornell University (December 1, 2016) – https://goo.gl/c94Cpc

Deandre Smith, Howard University (November 30, 2016) – https://goo.gl/q4gZqR

Sheldon Ruby, Franklin Marshall College (November 22, 2016) – https://goo.gl/9MyC9P

Christina Powell, Maryland University (May 11, 2016) – https://goo.gl/qjdDom

Justine King, University of Rochester (April 20, 2016) – https://goo.gl/RWvqAr

Sade Tuckett, Spelman College (June 2016) – https://goo.gl/1fHYaS

Tyra Beaman, Spelman College (June 2016) – https://goo.gl/GB7Bzl

Carlsky Belizaire, The City University of New York Queens College (April 1, 2016) – https://goo.gl/xbznNm

Natalia Arenas, Furman University (March 30, 2016) – https://goo.gl/JoeGfP

Sahil Jain, Syracuse University Maxwell School (March 11, 2016) – https://goo.gl/wvlhmW

Nathan Gwira, Rutgers University (April 15, 2016) – https://goo.gl/5XqmgZ

John Steele, Miami University of Ohio (April 21, 2016) – https://goo.gl/QJsjuQ


Larry Harris, University of Illinois Blog (April 16, 2015) – https://goo.gl/B8MVQ3

Eric Salgado, Fairfield University News (May 13, 2015) – http://goo.gl/3kmAZy

Usama Ibrahim (2015 Rangel Scholar), University of Illinois at Chicago News (May 7, 2015) – http://goo.gl/HnZoeY


David Luna, University of Denver Korbel School News (November 12, 2014) – http://goo.gl/pU0iOE

Melissa Crawford, Mlive.com (April 12, 2014) – http://goo.gl/4D

David Luna, HWS News (April 7, 2014) – http://goo.gl/OYJfFB

DeEtta Cravens, Oklahoma City University News (May 27, 2014) – https://goo.gl/3vD4zB

Adam Kong, The Lantern (April 1, 2014) – http://goo.gl/84Sg29

Brenda Duverce, Howard University Newsroom (March 27, 2014) – http://goo.gl/DQeUhH

Brittany Hardy, The Daily Princetonian (March 26, 2014) – https://goo.gl/aEpq7g

Philmon Haile, OneWorld Now (March 24, 2014) – http://goo.gl/kJaxJu


Hilary Johnson, Roger Thayer Stone Center for Latin American Studies (September 11, 2013) – https://goo.gl/DC0DoR

Federal Faces: Monty McGee, Washington Post (June 15, 2013) – https://goo.gl/RysTgO

UNC Alumni Earn Rangel Fellowships, UNC Global (April 24, 2013) – https://goo.gl/qZav55

Howard University Alumnae Awarded Esteemed Rangel Fellowship, Howard University News Room (April 17, 2013) – https://goo.gl/13RDmg

Morgan Cassell Earns Prestigious Rangel Fellowship, Seattle Medium (April 10, 2013) – https://goo.gl/80epNJ

Past MSA President Earns Prestigious Rangel Fellowship, University of Missouri (April 2, 2013) – https://goo.gl/B9FkXc

MTSU alumnus Pratt earns Rangel Fellowship, heads to GWU, MTSU News (March 29, 2013) – https://goo.gl/yG2rYS


Rangel Fellowship Turns Ten, Press release from office of Charles Rangel (October 9, 2012) – https://goo.gl/fZquzl

Fostering Diversity: Pickering, Rangel Fellowships Celebrate Milestones (September 2012) – https://goo.gl/GmN4Pp

Rangel Fellows 2012 Howard University Press Release (May 8, 2012) – https://goo.gl/FzPNYT


Career Blossoms Through Community Connections American University (March 31, 2010) – https://goo.gl/BvnwqU


Taking the Message of Service Around The World St. Mary’s University Gold & Blue Magazine (November 2010) – https://goo.gl/6Av6wE

Trinity Washington University Profile: Sydney Cross (June 2010) – https://goo.gl/fdj5JW


Student receives fellowship to enter Foreign Service, ASU News (April 2, 2009) – https://goo.gl/ytZ46S

Paine College senior awarded prestigious Rangel Fellowship, Paine College Press Release (May 4, 2009) – https://goo.gl/zEmteT

In The News: Mercedes Crosby, Bay State Banner (June 2009) – https://goo.gl/IumqLX

Professionals on the Move, NWI Times (May 2009) – https://goo.gl/yzjcaj


Bellevue resident wins Rangel Fellowship, Bellevue Reporter (May 3, 2008) – https://goo.gl/d7THDz

Baruch Alumna Receives Rangel Fellowship for Graduate Work in International Affairs, Baruch College – Campus News (April 16, 2008) – https://goo.gl/QMLBbf

Howard University grad gets Rangel Fellowship, Knoxville News Sentinel (June 4, 2008) – https://goo.gl/WjbMGX


Rangel Fellows Named, The Hilltop (April 22, 2007) – https://goo.gl/z5NFSg

Senior Leah Martin Awarded Distinguished Rangel Fellowship for International Studies, Foreign Service Career, Trinity Washington University Press Release (March 15, 2007) – https://goo.gl/Uu1sVo


Rangel fellow preparing for Foreign Service Career, DU Today (February 6, 2006) – https://goo.gl/VxUx0d

Graduate of UCF’s Burnett Honors College Wins Prestigious Rangel Fellowship, University of Central Florida – Newsroom (March 30, 2006) – https://goo.gl/gIJZC3

Boosting Minority Ranks in the U.S. Foreign Service, Diverse Education (November 30, 2006) – https://goo.gl/RvEcp0

First-Class Fellows, Roll Call (November 20, 2006) – https://goo.gl/4B1gpo


Fellowship Fosters Diversity, Roll Call (July 20, 2005) – https://goo.gl/c2IAYI

Fellowship Fosters Diversity, Roll Call (July 20, 2005) – https://goo.gl/c2IAYI