Isabel Shelton

2009 Rangel Scholar

Isabel Shelton is still considering her career path but knows that she wants to make a positive impact in the world. With the help of the Rangel Summer Enrichment Program activities, staff and peers, she is better equipped to make her decision. “It is such a comfort to know that whichever career path I choose I can always lean on the Rangel Program participants and coordinators for advice and guidance,” she said.

Seven years ago, Isabel read Night by Elie Wiesel and became committed to promoting human rights. Her deep concerns about the Holocaust led her to the field of international relations.¬†Elie Weisel “convinced me that the power of global initiatives has the power to triumph over the failings of man,” she said. “It is, admittedly, a harsh world, but I am committed to doing my part to alleviate this strain.” Isabel, who hails from Houston, Texas, decided to pursue a degree in International Studies at the University of Arizona. To augment her experiences, she looked for an opportunity to meet like-minded college students in a program that would expose her to different ways of achieving her goals.

“The Rangel Program distinguished itself in this respect,” she said. “It was able to bring together a great group of people, push us to our limits and in the end, marvel about the relationships forged along the way.” After six weeks of living in Washington, D.C., taking three courses at Howard University, being exposed to an abundance of post-graduation options and doing it all with students just like her, Isabel feels ready to make her mark in the world. “Integration into the professions of international relations can often appear daunting, far fetched and even ephemeral, but the program brought these resources to us and pushed us to our best,” she said.

Currently working at the Department of Education,¬†Isabel said, “I have no doubt that throughout my career I will work beside many of the people I met last summer.”

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