Dominic Randazzo

2005 Rangel Fellow
Foreign Service Officer

Dominic was a college freshman when the attacks of September 11th occurred. Having always been interested in international politics and travel, the Foreign Service seemed to be the perfect way for Dominic to serve the United States of America. “Foreign Service Officers truly are the face of America. We undertake tough international assignments but are rewarded with the chance to strengthen and expand our person-to-person, bilateral, and multilateral relationships every day. I consider being a Foreign Service Officer a privilege, not a job.”

Dominic graduated from Allegheny College in 2005 with a Bachelor in Political Science. That same year he was awarded the Rangel Graduate Fellowship. The fellowship allowed him to dual master’s degrees in public administration and international relations at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School and started him off on a path to a rewarding Foreign Service career. “The Rangel Program provides those interested in joining the Foreign Service with incredible experiences and opportunities. The internships I did through the program readied me for career of ever-changing locations, cultures, and issues.”

One of Dominic’s most profound experiences in the Foreign Service was being a Consular Officer on duty in Haiti when the deadly earthquake of 2010 struck. The consular team at the U.S. Embassy in Port au Prince evacuated more than 15,000 American citizens and assisted thousands more. For Dominic, this experience demonstrated how American diplomats serve the core interests of the American people in times of crisis. “There’s nothing more incredible than helping fellow Americans overseas who are in need. I love leaving work each day knowing I made a difference in others’ lives.”

Over the course of Dominic’s Foreign Service career he has served in Haiti, Zambia, the Bureau of Intelligence and Research, the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Rwanda, and now Nepal. He did an internship as a Rangel Fellow intern in the Republic of Georgia. Dominic believes the Rangel Program was right for him because “it made me part of a family of dedicated and diverse future and former Foreign Service Officers. The staff and faculty who support the program fully believe in the program’s ability to help new Rangel Fellows become the best possible U.S. diplomats.“

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