Calvin Hayes

2011 Rangel Fellow
Foreign Service Officer

Currently finishing his first assignment as a Cultural Affairs Officer in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Calvin Hayes is excited about pursuing a career that allows him to make an impact on the world. He explains, “The Rangel Program and the Foreign Service give me the ability to represent my country while also showing the diversity of America abroad. I have a challenging yet rewarding opportunity to engage global audiences, provide critical resources to communities that need it the most, and implement programs that will have long-term impact.”

Calvin is originally from Orlando, Florida and attended Florida A&M University in Tallahassee. He participated in the Rangel undergraduate International Affairs Summer Enrichment Program, studied abroad, and served as an intern in the U.S. Embassy in South Africa. His experience working on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to South Africa helped him to decide to join the Foreign Service. Calvin pursued his interest in the Foreign Service through the Rangel Graduate Fellowship, which supported his graduate studies and professional development. As a Rangel Fellow, he completed a Master’s in Public Diplomacy at American University and internships in the State Department’s Bureau of Legislative Affairs and in U.S. Embassy Djibouti. He explains, “The two features of the Rangel program that I value most are the opportunities for exposure and mentorship. Growing up, I was raised by a loving single mother, and I attended inner-city schools. The Rangel program provided me my first introduction to Washington, D.C. and a front seat to the creation of foreign policy, as well as mentors who continue to introduce me to a wealth of resources, opportunities and people.”

Now a Foreign Service Officer, Calvin is actively involved in outreach to local communities on behalf of U.S. Embassy Dhaka. Calvin’s ultimate goal in his career as a Foreign Service Officer is to leave each country knowing that he has advanced America’s interests while at the same time contributing to promoting a peaceful and prosperous relationship in every place that he serves. He adds, “In a decisive moment, you can either define the moment, or let the moment define you. Receiving the Rangel Fellowship has been one my most defining moments of my life.”

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